Tuesday, February 19, 2008


People, I have some excellent news.

I know you were all saying "Why oh why is my television screen not constantly filled with Steve Guttenberg? And WHEN will I see him DANCE?!?"

Sooner than you think, my friends. Sooner than you think.

Steve Guttenberg. Appearing as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Competing against Monica Seles, Marlee Matlin, Penn Jillette and Priscilla Presley. How awesome is this??

Fantastic reader Bookish Barbara let me know about this little gem, and I am super excited. I may have to resort to downloading to keep up on the Guttenberg dance action.

The only sad side is that I won't be able to vote. Can I bribe one of you to do my Guttenberg voting for me?

It starts March 17. Set your Tivos people. We don't want to miss one single second.