Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh. My. God.

You guys, I have the best news ever.

Guess who's just signed a deal to write the memoir of his early years in Hollywood?

Steve Freaking Guttenberg.

I'm so delighted by this news, I can hardly tell you! Imagine - we'll get all the first hand gossip from the Police Academy movies and Three Men and A Baby and Cocoon!

Maybe the guy who makes funny noises is really a jerk! Or Ted Danson has a secret hidden past that can only now be revealed -he's really a woman! Or the guy who makes funny noises is a secret chain smoker and the noises are really a smokers cough! Or Wilfred Brimley hates oatmeal! Or something else awesome about the guy who makes funny noises!

I'm so excited. There doesn't seem to be any info about when we can expect this book, which will surely be the greatest book of our time, but I'll keep you posted.