Monday, July 11, 2005

The Mission! She thrives!

It's been an exciting weekend in the world of the Steve Guttenberg Project.

On Saturday, I left the house to a bit of shopping. When I got home with my new shoe racks (they're very nice), I found an Amazon package near the front door.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself. "I haven't ordered anything from Amazon recently, but perhaps it's for me anyway."

And, would you believe it? It was!

Inside this beautiful package was a DVD - and not just any DVD. It was a DVD starring our good friend ... Mr. Steve Guttenberg.

I was giddy with glee, as you can well imagine, and scrambled to find the packing slip to find out who was responsible for the exciting new development - after all the collection had doubled overnight, and it was all very fabulous.

To my delight, I found that a little lady with a mission of her own was the generous DVD purchaser - the lovely Miss Heather Taylor.

Here it is. The fantastic and fabulous Film #2:

As we can see, the Gütt once again receives second billing.

(Hey, remember when Ally Sheedy was famous? Those were good times.)

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing this fantastic film, the Gütt plays one "Newton Crosby" - inventor of robots and other such things. When the delightful Number 5 suffers from a "short circuit" and comes to life, Newton is sent on a madcap adventure with trusted sidekick Fisher Stevens to find the rogue robot. Does mayhem and merriment ensue?

Oh, you bet it does.

There's also a bit of romance, between our Mr. Gutt and the lovely Miss Sheedy.

Robots? Romance? Stray animals? "Number 5 is alive"? The Gütt?

This movie has everything!

Title: Short Circuit

Steve Guttenberg Films Still To Be Collected: 34

Date received: 9th July, 2005

Purchased by: Heather

The mission doubling in size: Priceless.

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