Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's Captain Guttenberg!

Now, this is another one of those films that seems so obvious that I was sure I'd already added it to the mission. But, again, I was wrong.

Of course, I'd already seen this film. Who hasn't? I think it may be required by law. But I hadn't truly appreciated Steve's excellent contribution to the film.

He truly does shine in this, his only Ron Howard film, 1985's Cocoon.

The distributor of the DVD clearly realize that the appeal to the average consumer isn't in Wilford Brimley, or Jessica Tandy. No, DVD buyers are here for one reason and one reason only.

Steve Guttenberg.

Since I'm sure we all know the plot (old people made young by alien cocoons in a swimming pool, Guttenberg is the captain of the boat that aliens use to rescue their cocooned friends), I insead give you my random thoughts from watching the movie.

  • Dude. Wilford Brimley just said "ball sack". Like I needed to hear that?
  • 27 is Steve's character's favourite number? 27 is MY favourite number! This is spooky.
  • Where the hell is that kid from? (He's Bastian from the Neverending Story! I had to look that up.)
  • My two favourite alien guys are the ones that barely speak. They're just there and slightly surly. Awesome.
  • Shirtless Guttenberg!
  • Is it wrong that I'm kind of liking the shirtless Guttenberg?
  • They are awfully reckless with the cocoons. You think they'd be slightly suspicious of them.
  • Ew, the elderly are getting frisky.
  • They're dancing! I wish I knew how to properly dance.
  • "She's not normal" - I don't know what that means, but I wrote it down so it must be relevant.
  • Awesome reason for swimming with the cocoons - "it's not bad for America, I guess"
  • Dude. Wilford Brimley's wife is really loyal. She's all "if my husband says he saw people from outer space, then they were from outer space, get the police dammit!"
  • Odd. I really remember the kid being in this more.
  • And they say goodbye to their grandson but not their daughter. Man, she must have issues.
  • Aw, bye Bernie!

Apparently, this movie made $100 million worldwide. And this was the 80's, so that actually meant something. Is it Steve's biggest hit? Well, according to the IMDB, no, but it's still pretty big.

And it's pretty good. Steve's very funny and charming. And although I could have done without the alien pool sex scene, I have no complaints at all about his performance. Well played Guttenberg. Well played.

Title: Cocoon

Steve Guttenberg Films Still To Be Collected: 14

Purchased: on eBay (and I think someone gave me a copy too, but I forget who. Maybe Alexcia? Thanks dude!)

Price: £3.50

Never being able to erase the disturbing alien pool sex scene from my mind?: Priceless.

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