Sunday, February 26, 2006

Guttenberg For The Holidays

This is actually a Guttenberg film that I'd seen before without realizing that Steve Guttenberg played a key role. Can you believe it? Oh, the sad days before I started being hyper-aware of his presence. I'm much happier that I'm in a constant state of Guttenberg awareness now.

Anyway. It's the Jodie Foster Thanksgiving film, 1995's Home For The Holidays!

Now, Steve Guttenberg's not really the star here. In fact, he doesn't make his first appearance until 40 minutes into the film. He plays the super-tense husband of the always funny Cynthia Stevenson, who plays the sister of star Holly Hunter.

Guttenberg's Walter (standard name of every super-tense husband in every film ever) doesn't have much to do, other than be annoyed by his brother-in-law Robert Downey Jr.

I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't much like this movie, mainly because I found the characters of Claudia (Holly Hunter's character) and Tommy (Robert Downey Jr.) so freaking annoying that I couldn't stand to watch them.

You're not supposed to sympathise with the hyper sister and her tense husband, but I did, because if I had to be realated to two such selfish and mean idiots, I'd probably act just the same way. I mean, they throw a turkey on her! Wouldn't you be upset if that happened?

Guttenberg's good, as always, but I probably wouldn't watch this again.

I do have to raise a complaint on behalf of the Gütt. In the family photo on the cover of the DVD, every single cast member present at the family Thanksgiving is there, except Steve Guttenberg. Outrageous I say! Even his kids are there, and they barely have speaking lines! If I were his agent, I would be writing a strongly worded letter of complaint. Strongly worded, I say!

Title: Home For The Holidays

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Hearing Guttenberg say "Beep beep, brother-in-law" to Robert Downey Jr: Priceless.

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