Monday, May 01, 2006

I swear to God, I thought I'd already done this one...

So, I'm sitting here on a Monday evening on a bank holiday weekend, and having just updated the mission for the first time in absolutely ages, I was just checking out the blog to make sure that all the links were up to date and what have you.

And what do I find? Well, in the lovely list indicating which films have been completed, I see Police Academy, Police Academy 3 and Police Academy 4. But what's this? No Police Academy 2? Well, that can't be right. I swear to you, I really honestly thought I'd done this one. I've seen the movie - and recently too, I'd thought. Yeah, I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Not that I'd seen it, because I swear I have. But it hasn't been added to the project, which raised a bit of a moral dilemma. Because I've seen it before, do I really need to watch it again? I really wrestled with this one, I tell you. Ultimately, I felt that I really did have to watch it again, because I really couldn't remember anything specific about the film. Other than Cadet Carey Mahoney being a super cool beach cop. But that wasn't enough.

Do you see what I go through for you people?

And now, for the second time in recent memory, the 1985 sequel to the classic original, Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment.

And of course, it's starring once again as your favourite cop and mine Carey Mahoney, one Mister Steve Guttenberg.

All our old favourites are back - Tackleberry, Hightower, the short girl one, the guy who makes noises, that guy who looks vaguely familiar but I can't really place. Good times, I tell you.

And man, the sight of Steve riding his beach bike thing wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts with knee socks is one sexy image that's going to keep you up at night.

And this movie is PG-13, so that means boobs. Could you be more excited?

The title really says it all - it's their first assignment. The rookies are paired with other cops to counter the threat of a gang lead by Bobcat Goldwaith in his second ever film. Thanks a lot, Police Academy. Did they really need to inflict the world with him?

I did find it charming that although Steve is clearly the leading man here, they give Tackleberry the romantic subplot. He's charmed by his tough yet hot motorcycle partner.

It's a Police Academy movie. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. Wacky hi-jinks, inept criminals and inept cops eventually saving the day.

This one doesn't have a hot air balloon race, though. So means it can't be the best Police Academy movie ever, though it's certainly better than the third one.

Title: Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Steve Guttenberg Films Still To Be Collected: 15

Purchased: on eBay

Price: £2.50

Being slightly better than Police Academy 3?: Priceless.

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