Monday, October 31, 2005

Three Men & Hilarity

Of all the films featured in the Steve Guttenberg Project, this is the film that has had the most devoted searcher.

You may remember that way back in July, a mere week or so after the mission started, Abby had a possible lead on the classic film Three Men & A Little Lady. Sadly, it turned out she was thinking of a copy of Sister Act recorded off the television that her mother had thrown out.

I appreciated her attempt, but figured that this was one that I’d have to track down for myself. Imagine my delight when I received this email:

Hello Alice,

Remember when I led you on by telling you that I could get you a copy of Three
Men and a Little Lady? And it turned out to be a cruel lie?

Well, I was so upset at having to let you down that I have been trawling the
charity shops of Beckenham High Street ever since, and on Saturday I got my

Yes, I have found you a copy of 3MAALL! Hooray!!

So, if you would be so kind as to send me your address, I'll pop Mr G and his crazy pals in the post to you!

He he!


How amazing is that? I sent her my address and before you knew it, I had my hands on this little beauty.

I firmly believe that Steve Guttenberg is at his most likeable as comic writer and one-of-three dads Michael.

He has a bit of the unfortunate role in this movie of being neither Mary’s biological father (Ted Danson) or her mother’s love interest (Tom Selleck). He’s more the fun dad who brings you presents and plays with you, but who you really wouldn’t rely on for anything serious.

I especially appreciated this film because I live in England now, and of course, the dramatic climax of the movie involves Tom Selleck’s Peter flying to England to stop the marriage of Mary’s mother to some director guy.

We then get a nice lesson in “American stereotypes of the British”. Unpleasant director man lives in a huge English manor, he’s incredibly posh, they won’t let Mary do things like play inside, they’re going to send her to boarding school, blah, blah, blah.

There are some “hilarious” moments in involving Peter and Michael driving a mini through a road full of sheep.

But the plot’s not really the point here, is it?

We’re looking at our good buddy Steve and his delightful antics. I have two words for you – bedtime rap.

How can you not love ANY movie that contains Ted Danson wearing an alarm clock around his neck as the three of them painfully “rap”?

Title: Three Men & A Little Lady

Steve Guttenberg Films Still To Be Collected: 21

Purchased: By the lovely and fabulous Abby

Trying to erase the bedtime rap from my mind: Priceless.


Eric said...

The hip-hop lullaby is the best scene, is it not?

Janice said...

I agree with Eric on the bed time rap, it's the heart of the movie.


Cafrine said...

Man, I had that damned rap in my head for weeks. Sigh.