Sunday, October 09, 2005

Guttenberg on the Moon!

Amazon Women on the Moon is a bit of an odd fish in the world of the Guttenberg film.

It doesn’t star Steve, or really anyone for that matter. It’s more like a series of sketches (some very funny, some just strange and some painfully unfunny) one of which stars our good buddy Steve Guttenberg.

Let’s concentrate on his sketch, called "Two I.D.'s", since that’s why we’re here. He plays a young man who arrives to pick up Rosanna Arquette for a blind date. To his (and our!) hilarious surprise, she demands a credit card and some ID before the date, and does a relationship check. And what does she find? Why, he’s a bit of a player and has a saucy reputation of using the same lines to get the ladies in the sack.

I mock, but it’s actually quite funny.

The rest of the movie is a bit hit and miss, but such is the nature of such an odd film.

This movie was released at the height of Guttenberg fame – just post Police Academy and pre Three Men & A Baby.

I’d probably watch it again, but skip through the not funny bits.

Huh. I have surprisingly little to say about this movie. Odd.

Title: Amazon Women on the Moon

Steve Guttenberg Films Still To Be Collected: 22

Purchased: On ebay

Price: £2.85

Hearing Steve Guttenberg use a line about sushi to seduce the ladies: Priceless.

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