Thursday, September 14, 2006


Due to the upsetting burglary, and the subsequent lack of laptop at home, I have not been as good with the updating of the project as I would like. But never fear! Friend of the project Sarah has pointed me in the direction of something fabulous and Guttenberg related.

My friends, I give you The Mother Of All Trailers!

God bless YouTube, I say. God bless them.

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Anonymous said...

Is this intended as irony, this "tribute" to a loser malignant narcissist has been never was "actor", or are you being serious?
YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!! I met this weird ass in Toronto when her was filming that masterwork Police Academy and since have never met a more arrogant, ineffectual and pompous "actor". For someone with no talent he sure has a big-ass ego.
Steve Guttenberg sees other human beings as cattle to be used and dicarded for his own personal use and has been a standing joke in Hollywood for years. NOTICE how he never gets work?